Mobile Apps for Motorsports

The new way to win fans and sponsors.

Motorsports represent what is right about interacting with consumers (fans) more than virtually any other "vertical industry". Auto racing (particularly NASCAR) has a stellar reputation for fan loyalty and the bi-directional dialog that many other industries covet and are scrambling to replicate. Plus... there's the most unique part of motor racing's relationships: fans readily accept and often outwardly embrace the brands that support their sport and heroes.

Maintaining and growing team/driver "conversations" with fans is always a top priority and ever more valuable given the difficulty of gaining and holding onto sponsors. The great news is... there's a vastly underutilized tool to grow fan conversations, strengthen them, and let sponsors actively share in the dialog: mobile phone apps!

Yet, racing and racers have been slow to see the immense opportunity of being in their fan's pockets - anywhere those fans go. The die-hard fan (there are millions!) craves access to the latest information, talk, videos, photos, games, and more, from their favorite racers. Web sites and social media platforms are okay, but they are not always accessible to fans. Mobile phone apps are anywhere your fans are and offer many more opportunities for personal experiences. Don't you want to lead the pack and reach more fans before competitors do?

Mobile apps are also one of the most inexpensive ways to be a part of your fan's lives for the long haul. Just one quick download and you and your sponsors are in on a daily basis, for as long as you foster the relationship. That means one small investment and you have ongoing returns and monetization.

ScreenPlay is on a mission to be THE mobile app development resource of motorsports and is poised to work hard for you, to deliver the finest mobile app experience to your fans and sponsors. Lets talk about helping you develop a winning app today.

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