MTA's New Innovative Interactive Maintenance Kiosks are Award Winners


MTA's New Innovative Interactive Maintenance Kiosks are Award Winners

Baltimore, MD (USA) - August 2, 2012 - The Maryland Transit Administration's interactive maintenance kiosks first won appreciation as an industry leading innovation to resolve inefficiencies in information utilization and internal communication. Now they’ve won again by picking-up a prestigious 2012 User Experience Award for their developer, ScreenPlay InterActive (SPIA).

MTA management and metro rail mechanics alike have enthusiastically embraced the new 46” kiosks as a means for personnel to work more efficiently and effectively. Conceived by Jason Lurz, Director, Metro Operations as a way to leverage underutilized enterprise software and incorporate new applications, he chose SPIA to translate his vision into reality.

“The MTA requested a solution that would seamlessly unify existing and new software, be intuitive, and have the feel of an iPad. That was especially difficult given the required use of Windows XP and a single touch, touch screen.” explained Ken Lonyai, SPIA co-founder and Digital Innovation Strategist. "Re-engineering Windows XP so that it would do things it was never envisioned to do was a challenge, but we had a lot of fun working with our client/partners at the MTA. To be honored by our peers with a User Experience Award really tops off the effort."

The new maintenance kiosks are custom built ruggedized systems utilizing a beautiful iPad-like software interface. With just a couple of finger flicks, mechanics can access powerful applications that speed their work and make accessing data easy. From legacy programs like Maximo and ProjectWise to new custom made applications including Trouble Ticket (issue reporting), Phone Dialer (one touch to call a supervisor), 3-way Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, and more, the kiosks operate as sleek, unified information devices.

To overcome numerous limitations of the aging Windows XP, the O/S is completely retooled to have a 2012 app style tabbed U/I (user interface) – something totally unexpected for industrial/maintenance/operations environments or government applications. Log-in is fully rebuilt to utilize facial recognition or a contactless ID card. Security is handled by the custom interface which prevents access to the O/S or files.


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SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!