It's 1996 all over again except that this time mobile apps are the buzz.

Everywhere you turn people are talking about them, companies are advertising them, and mobile users are...well, using them. The world has discovered mobile apps and the world is liking them very much. And for good reason:

  1. they're easy to get
  2. they're easy to use (usually)
  3. they're free or don't cost much (usually)
  4. they make social media networking a fun and portable experience
  5. they're the thing to be seen with, to be cool

For businesses that know how to tap the consumer's mindspace, apps are an amazing portal to penetrate your target market. Never before has there been a communications platform that people carry around and willingly share with others. So, if they like your brand and your app, or your brand because of your app, you have won hearts and minds.

SPIA develops rich apps for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 platforms, to help you reach your customers and prosper. Marketing, business productivity, novelty, medical, or whatever application is right for you, we build user friendly, reliable and effective apps that add value and enjoyable experiences to your consumer's lives.

Rich experiences are the cornerstone of our application philosophy and when coupled with our real-time metrics platform, both your consumer and you get true value from the products we create.


SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!