What We Do For YOU!

We excite consumers about your brand and your products.

While the bedrock that supports the traditional advertising and marketing model continues to crack, crumble, and re-form into a new landscape, one thing is unshakable: people desire fulfilling consumer experiences.

We provide you with innovative tools to get consumers to react, engage, and emotionally connect to your products, to have control of their experiences, empowering and motivating them to support your brand and increase purchases. We give you an open conduit to listen to their thoughts and build conversations and relationships for the long term.

We enhance your marketing strategy and messaging through interactive experiential marketing techniques and systems, that make your products come to life in ways that consumers love. Traditional customer engagement is flipped on its head and reinvigorated with surprising, exciting, and fun experiences that customers readily share with like-minded friends.

We immerse shopper's senses in every aspect of your product - especially when touching, smelling, and tasting are essential factors that differentiate and sell your merchandise.

We create effective mechanisms for you to follow and follow-up with consumers and their actions, including advanced and inventive real-time survey, metrics, and sampling systems.

Most of all, we open the door to your future by making your brand inviting, accessible and FUN, in ways that transform shoppers into brand advocates.

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SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!