There hasn't been a great way to let customers sample food products - until now!

Think about two key issues when offering food and beverage samples to your potential customers: logistics and follow-up. It takes a lot to do proper food sampling: bite sized product, personnel trained in food handling, cleanliness and clean-up issues, product information/customer service training, and more. Plus... there's just one brief opportunity to capture reactions and feedback, record it accurately, and get that data to a brand manager for review and analysis - else all is lost!

Or, there's iTaste™.

iTaste™ makes food and beverage sampling easy and alleviates all the difficulties of doing it the old-fashioned way. iTaste™ is a completely automated interactive system that handles every aspect of placing your food or beverage in the mouths of potential customers. From attracting participants, qualifying them, dispensing your product, eliciting their reactions, and more, the entire process is encapsulated in one hassle free package.

iTaste™ is completely customizable to your needs and has aditional capabilities including pre or post surveys, opt-in or anonymous participation, incentives, couponing, social media sharing, and more. Plus it provides quick and easy deployment, no attendees, real-time monitoring and metrics, and can save you lots of time and money over cumbersome tradional methods.

There's no comparable way to attract and interact with the consumers you want to try your food products.

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