Mobile Web

There is no debate: if you don't have a mobile web site, you don't have a real web presence.

The mobile adoption rate is soaring daily as more people grab their mobile devices to look up info. In fact, many people are viewing this site via a mobile device. So, if at this moment, your site isn't mobile enabled, you are outdated.

To be clear: most web sites can be viewed on a mobile device, but unless they are designed for mobile users, they probably don't look good, are cumbersome, and most visitors will leave them behind. And if a site utilizes Flash, iPhone users can't access the Flash content.

A mobile enabled web site detects if a mobile device is accessing it and then delivers content optimized for a small screen. Typically the "regular" portion of the site makes the detection and instantly redirects mobile visitors to another domain or internal area where the mobile content resides, creating a seamless and comfortable web experience.

SPIA can take your existing web presence and make it mobile ready. We do more than re-code your existing content, we focus it and make it flow for the quick paced mobile visitor. In that way, mobile web surfers get what they're after from your site and you get a huge opportunity to start a business relationship with them.


SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!