Telling your story is common. Experiencing your story is special.

The traditional museum visit is losing its appeal. Patrons seek more than static text descriptions of static displays and installations. They want to be engaged with art, history, science, artifacts, and the exhibits they visit. They want to have a personal connection and get more fun and satisfaction from their experience. Visitors want interactivity and a sense of participation. And when they get the experience they want, they will become loyal patrons, supporters, and spread the word to friends.

Renaissance paintings, Egyptian statues, one-of-a-kind classic cars, or anything precious or ordinary can provide visitors with immersive sensory experiences that touch their emotions, at no harm to the artifacts.

SPIA is your partner to transform your exhibition space into a digitally enabled, social, experiential, learning magnet. Essentially, we make things come to life! We provide innovative experiential tools that immerse people's senses in every aspect of a story, object, or installation, moving them to react, engage, and emotionally connect - especially when smelling, tasting, and touching are essential communicators. Utilizing technology that can incorporate up to all five senses, we create memorable experiences that people get excited about and love to engage with, opening opportunities for interactions, conversations and sharing with others. Incorporating mobile and social media are inherent aspects, as well as real-time utilization metrics that give you extraordinary, tangible insights into exhibit effectiveness.

We are especially focused on developing ideas that excite children and stimulate learning through sensorial exploration. Our well-honed technologies lend themselves to nearly any kind of easy-to-grasp installation that disguises education as sheer FUN!




SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!