Consumers have taken control of brand experiences. Give them even more and they will really respond.

Often, a shopper is removed from the items they are considering purchasing. Either a store window, display case, or packaging keep them from interacting with the very thing that they want to buy. iTurn™ breaks down those barriers irresistibly and adds a lot more value to the shopping experience for the consumer and retailer.

iTurn™ is a consumer engagement application that can be bundled into a phone app, mobile web page, or touch enabled store window. It places control in the hands of shoppers by making products that are otherwise off-limits - on display or behind a window, interactive! It gives them the power to manipulate and control the position, view, motion, and function of display items. More than that, it lets shoppers control and interact with all forms of animatronic displays, adding loads of fun and excitement when they visit your store.

In addition, iTurn™:

  1. extends store hours by enabling 24x7 interaction with products or displays
  2. changes the dynamic of trade shows, making display booths extra attractive and enticing to visitors
  3. encourages sharing through social applications

Best of all, iTurn™ is a customizable soluton that's endlessly adaptable and can be integrated into other applications for a seamless consumer experience that focuses on your brand.

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