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Thought leaders in various disciplines of marketing, advertising, PR, and brand management are starting to come around and see the benefits of experiential marketing. They are supporting our long-standing position that brands MUST seize opportunities and use all available tools and senses to reach their target audience in memorable and compelling ways. They realize that in a fast changing, social, gadget hungry world, people seek new experiences that can bring them closer to the products they purchase and new experiences that they can share with others.

Here are some great insights:



"Retailers always are struggling to create in-store excitement to engage shoppers to more fully navigate up and down the aisles."
"Shift Marketing Thinking; from products to experiences"
"Brands as experience is an important marketing concept."

Joel Rubinson
Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation

"Brand Experience is the strategic approach to compelling people to take productive action through the integrated, coordinated planning and execution of every possible interaction that they have with your company or products. That means assessing business strategy through the lens of providing people with carefully designed experiences that meet their needs and desires, with the explicit intention of compelling them to take productive action on your behalf."

Dirk Knemeyer
Digital Web Magazine

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