What We're About

Consumer Experience. EXPERIENCE! EXPERIENCE!!!

Engagement, involvement, conversation, excitement, sharing, awareness, and loyalty too.

No matter what your broad and narrow objectives are, our approach and singular mission is to make it easy for your target audience to engage with your brand in a manner that compels them to make purchases, share their positive brand experiences, and... repeat.

Our philosophy: if using one sense is good, utilizing five is at least five times better, so we've developed some of the most unique interactive experiential technologies ever available, incorporating up to all five senses. Technology for technology's sake - that's not us. Technology as an effective mechanism to draw consumers in, get them smiling, talking, and living your brand  - that's what we've done, because we focus on MARKETING. And we've done it without limits, so taste, smell, and the rest, fully interactive and integrated with your products in our exclusive amazing ways, are here NOW, ready for you to benefit from.

Essentially, we're about developing unique concepts to make compelling new connections between your brand and your target market. A little technology or a lot, all that matters is that consumers get to know your products as they really are and not from a partial representation. So challenge us, give us your toughest requirements and we'll find a way to engage and endear consumers, so that your brand identity is their brand identity... and their friend's too.



SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!