Fragrance is one of the most powerful motivators of human behavior.

Still, scent is very under-utilized in product promotion - possibly because advertisers haven't developed a good way to dispense it at the point-of-sale. They've tried things like "scratch & sniff" panels on products, but that just doesn't engage consumers.

iScent™ obliterates that problem and provides an amazing way for consumers to sample your product's fragrance, engagingly and interactively. And... people love it!

Fine fragrance, food, liquor, household products, health care items, or anything - even generic fragrances like cut grass or orange are all easily delivered to your potential customers with the iScent™ interactive fragrance system.

iScent™ provides perfect fragrance rendering via a non-invasive, elective consumer accepted delivery method. That means people are quite willing and interested to explore the fragrance(s) of your products. So, if fragrance is an important factor in distinguishing your brand from the competition, iScent™ is the smartest way to gain a marketing advantage.

And... when coupled with SPIA's advanced real-time metrics and polling, you get measurable results and valuable consumer feedback.

Sure, articles, stories, and folklore tout all kinds of "inventions" or trials of scent dispensing systems. iScent™ is a proven technology with more than a ten year 100% up-time record. So, don't be mislead by blogger hype - iScent™ can be giving you a sales lift right now!

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