What's the difference between blindly handing out samples to passers-by and iSample™? Feedback!

Product sampling is an old marketing tactic where samples are given away in the hopes of affecting a sales lift. Once the sample is in the consumer's hand, little more can be done to directly influence or learn from the recipient's experience, that is, unless iSample™ is the distribution tool!

iSample™ is an interactive sampling system using powerful software that lets brands distribute product samples in a controlled and measurable way. Participants get samples from an iSample™ enabled interactive product display after identifying themselves and/or answering survey questions. Either at the sampling location or remotely at a future time, iSample™ provides a number of follow-up mechanisms to gather response data from the consumer experience. It can even incentivize purchases, additional product trials, and/or sharing via social media.

Real-time metrics are at the heart of iSample™ and give incomparable power when assessing a sampling campaign. From a secure web browser anywhere, live data is available to track all phases of a sampling or testing program, including initial sample dispensing, consumer identification, follow-up questions, and offer redemption.

Nearly any type of product can be distributed with iSample™, including (hot or cold) food, beverages, CPG items, etc.

iSample™ systems can function completely unattended or can be integrated into a promotional program as a supplement to on location customer service reps. They can be developed to fully reflect product branding and meet any particular size and portability requirements.



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